Icons and Iconography Preparation

Icons are an essential part of the Orthodox Church, representing holy images that carry spiritual and aesthetic value. They are windows into eternity, through which believers experience the presence of saints and God’s grace. Our workshop is dedicated to creating icons according to the highest canonical standards, using traditional techniques and materials.

Icon Creation Process

The process of creating icons is lengthy and requires deep spiritual preparation as well as a high level of artistic skill. Our iconographers follow these steps in creating each icon:

  • Spiritual Preparation: Before starting work, iconographers prepare through prayer and fasting, seeking God’s help and inspiration.
  • Board Preparation: Icons are painted on wooden boards that are carefully prepared and coated with a special primer layer called gesso.
  • Drawing: The drawing is transferred to the prepared board, often using a grid or by direct drawing.
  • Painting: Icons are painted with natural pigments mixed with egg yolk, a technique known as tempera.
  • Gilding: Many icons use gold leaf to highlight the holy figures, adding an additional spiritual dimension.
  • Final Coating: Finally, the icons are coated with a protective layer of varnish that preserves them and gives them a special shine.

Our team consists of top iconographers with years of experience in church art. Each icon is unique, crafted with love and attention to detail, respecting all canonical regulations. If you are interested in commissioning an icon for a church, monastery, or your home, feel free to contact us. We offer personalized consultations to design an icon that best meets your spiritual needs and aesthetic preferences.